Hidden Ninja Games!!

2008-09-18 22:54:37 by smith1302

Woot! Alright, not sure if any of you know me. I made Flash Empires, Stickman Madness 3, and Galactic Conquest, all of which were on the frontpage this past year. But I have been working on making a site and I finally got it done!! So I wanted to let you all know.

Hidden Ninja Games

You should go check it out, i think its pretty awsome, but I did make it so maybe I am a little biased. Let me know whatcha think.

Hidden Ninja Games

Hidden Ninja Games!!


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2008-09-18 23:04:02

The front page is pretty cool. Maybe I'll register.


2008-09-19 09:42:18

Ok, so I will tell you the truth, sorry.

Man, I think this game page is nothing else than those others.
Kongregate (or what)
This, too
They are the same! The hell, only change is the design, but I donĀ“t think that any of the pages above got "innovative" design.
So, make something original, or this page will be lost in the labyrinth of Not unique game pages.

Try harder.


2008-09-19 15:09:16

How do you get games on your site? Do you take games without asking the author?

smith1302 responds:

and alot of those games I made


2008-09-19 15:55:33

He didn't steal them, he used something called arcadem. It's a package to setup such a site and provides many games to get started. If you look towards the bottom of the page it is in small text, click the link to check it out. It appears to be a flash portal in a box, lol.

smith1302 responds:

exactly :)


2009-01-27 21:51:44

Wow, you made flash empire 3?? Then you are my hero! That is the best flash strategy game i ever played!!

smith1302 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad people like my work :D