Do you like stick games? Well check this out

2009-06-24 23:57:56 by smith1302

Hey everyone!

One of my favorite type of flash game are stick based.
I've made a few stick games myself (stickman madness 3, ragbomb etc)

Anyways I decided to open up my own stick game portal where you can play some of the best
stick games (in my opinion). I'm still uploading them, cause of course when you try to think of your favorite games you can't remember them all on the spot.. so if you guys have any you like that you would like to see up there let me know.

Ok so here is the link Stick Games it's called stick, if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me, Im trying to keep the layout simple so you can find the games easily.


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2009-06-25 00:19:56

assuming you asked permission from everyone before you upload their work?

smith1302 responds:

the majority, not all, the rest of the games are widely distributed across the internet and it helps developers increase brand recognition. So I should be good. :)


2009-06-25 00:42:17

Sounds cool...
Good luck with it! :D

smith1302 responds:



2009-06-25 04:56:31

Starogre, out of all my games (many of which have spread to over 1000+ hosts) I have only been asked permission to upload my game twice. Maybe you're joking, but it doesn't really work that way anymore.


2009-07-01 14:48:07

You got a most of the good ones there. I found some more...

Instead of saying the name I will link to the NG version. /476744 /451163

Download link: / /

Want more just PM me.