Epic new ninja gaming site

2009-09-01 16:57:08 by smith1302

Alright everyone you may, or may not have visited my site hiddenninjagames.com
Well either way, I've got a completely new design and I love it.

You should check it out and lemme know how you like the site.
Here's the link!
Hidden Ninja Games

Thanks newgrounders


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2009-09-01 17:52:55

Another moron who thinks their advertising on a site like this will get them anywhere...

smith1302 responds:

when did I ever say I thought advertising on this site will get me anywhere? I was simply sharing my site to the community, maybe a couple of people will go to my site and check it out. I'll buy ads from google adsense if I want to advertise or self sponsor my games. Don't make such harsh statements and call me a moron for sharing my site to the newgrounds community.


2009-09-01 18:28:01

cool, you guys sponsoring games; or just thieving them?

smith1302 responds:



2009-09-14 21:48:23

on loaded metal the 1/4 screen gitch heres how you fix = tell them to reload the page 10 times when it hapens, eventuly it stops :) your welcome :)