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Flash Empires 2: Christmas Crusades!!

2007-11-27 01:09:06 by smith1302

Thats right everyone one! Flash Empires 2: Christmas Crusades will be release today or tomorrow.. So keep any eye out. Hopefully you guys willlike the things Ive added. Ive read all the reviews for the first one and added the things it seemed people wanted the most.

New things:
-Christmas theme
-Automatic shooting for starting turret (castle turret)
-Individual unit upgrades
-6 troops
-6 towers
-long ranged troops
-poisen, and bombs
-You can actually beat the game this time.
-less/no glitches
- Allot more stuff!

Keep an eye out for it =D


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2008-01-05 02:07:14

hey this has nothing to do with empires im about too play it but i need your help with newgrounds lol i dont know anyhting about how to send peopol messages make friedns contacts or what ever so i was wondering if you could help me out a little please and thankyou

smith1302 responds:

Well when you see someone u wanna send a message, go to their profile by clicking their name, then look under their picture and it says " send a private message" click that and u can now send them a message.


2008-07-08 14:57:17

can you make a flash game with me cause i suc at flash and i want to make a flash if you want to go on my page and send a private message thanks anyway


2008-07-09 19:01:25

Lol U Smitty1302 Im Silent1302!


2008-08-13 19:32:53

awsome man i a fan of your art work all your flash games ruleand ther another flash empires you rock


2008-09-05 20:45:12

Woohoo Eric i found u-Adam