New gaming web site!

2012-07-24 15:12:07 by smith1302

Hi guys!

I have made flash games for years and now I coded my very own gaming website. This websites isnt for any games, its for World War games specifically. Check it out!

WWII Games

New gaming web site!

Thought Smash!

2011-02-18 11:49:53 by smith1302

After a few busy months I have finally gotten to the point where I feel my new website can be released in beta. Of course I can never technically say it is finished, but I like where it's at right now.

SO if you have some spare time, if you are bored, or if you like to argue, check out
Thought Smash!

Let me hear your thoughts! I'm so excited to have finally finished the site and to share it here in Beta.

Thought Smash!

New site - Penguin Games 1

2010-08-02 14:58:19 by smith1302

This is a new site I coded for scratch so I can display some of the best free games on the internet for people to enjoy. It's theme centers around penguins just because I thought it would be a fun idea

Penguin Games

Tell me what you think!

Epic new ninja gaming site

2009-09-01 16:57:08 by smith1302

Alright everyone you may, or may not have visited my site
Well either way, I've got a completely new design and I love it.

You should check it out and lemme know how you like the site.
Here's the link!
Hidden Ninja Games

Thanks newgrounders

Hey everyone!

One of my favorite type of flash game are stick based.
I've made a few stick games myself (stickman madness 3, ragbomb etc)

Anyways I decided to open up my own stick game portal where you can play some of the best
stick games (in my opinion). I'm still uploading them, cause of course when you try to think of your favorite games you can't remember them all on the spot.. so if you guys have any you like that you would like to see up there let me know.

Ok so here is the link Stick Games it's called stick, if you have any suggestions feel free to tell me, Im trying to keep the layout simple so you can find the games easily.

Hidden Ninja Games!!

2008-09-18 22:54:37 by smith1302

Woot! Alright, not sure if any of you know me. I made Flash Empires, Stickman Madness 3, and Galactic Conquest, all of which were on the frontpage this past year. But I have been working on making a site and I finally got it done!! So I wanted to let you all know.

Hidden Ninja Games

You should go check it out, i think its pretty awsome, but I did make it so maybe I am a little biased. Let me know whatcha think.

Hidden Ninja Games

Hidden Ninja Games!!

Thats right everyone one! Flash Empires 2: Christmas Crusades will be release today or tomorrow.. So keep any eye out. Hopefully you guys willlike the things Ive added. Ive read all the reviews for the first one and added the things it seemed people wanted the most.

New things:
-Christmas theme
-Automatic shooting for starting turret (castle turret)
-Individual unit upgrades
-6 troops
-6 towers
-long ranged troops
-poisen, and bombs
-You can actually beat the game this time.
-less/no glitches
- Allot more stuff!

Keep an eye out for it =D